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A totally blank day. Did nothing.

Not true, I reinstalled Windows, I created a whole new webpage (Not content, design.
Project Cevearn has been suspended for a bit while I sort out logistics, and while I get into the new project. The new project is called Terra Incognita (Sneak preview of the page. If you can’t see anything, then the new Domain hasn’t kicked in yet. Give it a few hours. Don’t click, mail, or do *anything* do that. Don’t even tell me I spelt “Briefly” wrong. I don’t need to know).

I played Diablo II, to the extent that I am now one quest away from Act II (Yay, for me. I am determined to make this last :), and I got informed that Black & White has gone gold. This is why Terra is on a “Redirect with banner” scheme. I’m saving up.

In other, not as good, news, People who I care what happens to are entering faeces-filled rivers, and events are conspiring to take their paddles away. Both of them deserve better than the rocks life is throwing at them, and I hope that they both realise that, were I to win the lottery tomorrow, My first act would be to buy them a flat in Oxford.

That, however, might necessitate me buying a littery ticket. (Yes, that was diliberate).

And now, to the strains of “Coconut” from the Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack. (I have seen neither Reservoir Dogs nor Pulp Fiction, yet I have the soundtracks for both. I own no other film soundtracks. Very strange)

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