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Dull day. Lost a Tiberian Sun game (or didn’t win, anyhue) against my brothers, worked briefly on TMS Online mk3, and Aquarionics Mk4, as well as designing a “thingy” that generates codes for Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com’s Affiliates program (As used to great effect in the box to the left). A bookshop is coming soon. Promise. (The thing is 40% complete, I just have to review and link to a few more books)

Wandered around my hometown for a bit (piccies coming soonish) and noted something amusing. Nothing has changed. It’s odd. Having spent the last 9 months over 300 miles from my home, you’d have thought that it would have changed even slightly. A few houses have been built on fields, The Town Council have renovated the town centre, making it even *more* difficult to navigate… but nothing has really changed.

Pity really

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