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Okay, Exams happening, so lack of updates. Not that I’ve been *revising* for exams, but I’ve been busy with displacement activities.

Number one of these was the Anagrammer, my first ever working CGI script (Writen in Bash, and fairly locked into being installed on Debian, and in particuler, being on Delirium – my computer. Thus it isn’t on Aquarionics. When I move to a Linux server, I’ll get it running here too) Which proved fairly populer, and even spawned a poem from lonecat (Who is drawing Mr Men/Little Misses[1], I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering from Displacement Activity Syndrome). This counts as Revison, because I have a Unix Exam on Wednesday, and part of that is shell scripting. Thusly is my time aloted.

Okay, I admit it, displacement, But I’m revising as well! honest!

AFPMovie this morning, felt guilty over not putting the minutes up for last week, when I get a spare moment I will do them. Promise.

Oh, and someone in one of my Uni groups is accusing the entire team of racism, becase he didn’t score well. More on that when it’s sorted out, and I can speak without saying anything that might affect it 🙂

Right, Now onto Z theory, and all the buggers within. TTFN

[1] What is the plural of Miss, anyway?

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