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First, my foot is bleeding. Both my feet are bleeding. In many ways, this is my own stupid fault, but since I walked half an hour to the bus-stop this morning, and my new socks (With penguins on them) now have unattractive dark brown spots on them also. I hope there arn’t any sharks following the penguins.

Second, Mark has been playing, and now his 404 pages do exactly what mine do, only – natually – in a cooler and obviously far better way. But, because of his decision to pass XHTML1.1 headers to Mozilla, and the fact his page isn’t well-formed XML at the moment (Didn’t close a

) I can’t link to the article, because I can’t read his weblog unless I load up IE, and IE on this laptop isn’t set up with proxies or anything. I find this amusing. The “Broken in Moz” thing, more than the “IE not set up” thing.

I’ve been reading Hixie‘s Perfect Weblog specs, and disagreeing. Well, obviously validating markup is good. But most of all is the fact that it specifically says that if a page isn’t well formed, it’s broken. An example? Dive Into Mark is currently broken in Moz. So is this page which hixie linked to in his Perfect Weblog speech.

Aquarionics validates as HTML4 Trans. It doesn’t validate as Strict because the search form isn’t right (which I will fix), and the Blogsnob code contains a border=0 attribute (which I can’t fix). It doesn’t validate as XHTML1 because I now have almost nine hundred articles in the archives, most of which were written with EditPlus, which capitalises HTML tags by default. I’m vaugely interested in what he would say about the markup here (I’m probably going to submit it, merely for educational value while I’m doing the generation code for Epistula), but I’m not going to follow the world into XHTML until I split off the old archives or something.

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