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So, it’s been a strange week. Well, seven days.
I mean, Thursday I went to see a play with my long-standing mate Barry, and my not-quite-so-long-standing Drama Teacher, which was nice. And it spoke in rhyme, and had Martin Clunes in it, and was actually very, very funny.

Later that day, I was dragged into a gay bar in Soho (Okay, I walked in calmly. It’s not as if I was unaware of where I was going). This is another thing entirely, however, and one I just mention in passing.

As it were.

Then came today. Today I will not even attempt to explain, but revolved around me walking out of a bank with a grand more than I thought I owned (Go Me) Straight into the push-chair of someone I knew vaguely from school. She was (still is, I suppose) a couple of years below me, just over 19

She’s married. And has a four month old kid whose name – I think, I was a little dazed – is Smidge.


So I wandered back to the station, and ran into someone who I was at school with, who is now working for a local clothes shop as a Person Who Lifts Stuff, as far as I can gather. I told them both I was doing freelance web design, which is technically true. Eventually I admitted the lie to the first, who sagely handed me an application form for the local Unwins (Off-license) and informed me that McDonalds down the road were hiring.

Never have I been more motivated to find a job.

Walked – nay, ran – to the train station, avoiding eye contact with everyone on the street just in case it was another blast from the past.

Ordered the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and DVD from Amazon (Didn’t preorder Buffy 4 DVD. self control 1, Buffy Nil) and finally sent off for my Discworld Convention Membership. And I’m *still*

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