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Ok. It’s wednesday. So much for the “Daily Updates” thing.

The most important and relivant thing to announce is that, as of Sunday (19:30, preciseness fans) I have moved into my new Flat! Life is now a much better, and less suicidal place. The flat is one large room, with a kitchen area, a shower area, and an Everything Else area, and I have spent the last two days (and much of my overdraft) making the place habitable. This isn’t my normal definition of the word, this isn’t buying posters and lights and gadgets. no, this is a quite literal meaning of the word “Habitable”, involving Saucepans, Frying Pans, Plates, Cutlery, Food and stuff. Oh yes, and Bed stuff. This has been fun, because I’ve never really had to do the “Household Shopping” thing before, weighing up differant makes of Kettle, and (and here is the most important bit) having to carry it all home. Now, my new flat is only a few minutes walk from the town centre, but with various Duvet’s, Pillows, Kettles and Breakable Objects, it is a very long few minutes. Thankfully, the supermarket is even closer than the town center.

For reasons currently unattainable, My new flat’s wardrobe (The only piece of furnture in the whole place not missing runners, handles, or something. The whole place looks like it was furnished from the “Reduced due to axe damage” section of the local MFI) smells of Paprika. Oh yes, and although I have an ensuite shower, the toilet is down the hall, and I have no mirror.


However, it beats sleeping on sofas, it beats not having a home, and it definatly beats living in Halls again.


Anyhue, now I suppose I should go back. I have to find Teatowels, a Mirror and a Method Of Plugging My Razor In. This is my Plan for today.

Oh yeah, and finish reading the entire Goats Archive.

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