Dark Light

I have a small scared dog, physically shivering, and trying desperatly to hide underneath my bed because he is terrified of fireworks, and the Town Council waited until twenty to 11 to let them off. The dog is normally too scared to come into my room.

Every so often it lets up for five minutes, he sits up, looks around, and then cowers again as people start making loud noises.

I am unimpressed with the local Jubilee Comittee and their ability to warn people to keep pets safe. The fireworks are now louder, so he’s sitting under my desk.

Poor animal.

I spent saturday in a park, geeking, watching frisbees being thown, and occasionally throwing frizbees. It was fun. Then we went to a pub, that was fun too. This week I shall be househunting in Cambs, this will also be fun.

On the less fun scale, I now know why replys to my emails have been bouncing. That’s what happens when you send mails from Aquarion@Localhost.


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