Dark Light

It was a bright and sunny night.

No, hang on.

It was a dark and stormy summers… nope.


It was a day. Not a cold, miserable day. Nor a humid, drenched shirts
day. No, this was an English bank holiday, sunny but with light
breezes, and that means comfort.

Bright was the morning, and high the hope in my heart as I left the
fictional town that I shall one day soon leave for good, in the hopes
of getting to the smoke in time to meet LoneCat’s train. In a move
that shocked and stunned me, the British transport system got me to
London early, I met LoneCat, and we toddled off to Regents Park
station, where we met Simon Callan, and then up to Regents Park
proper, where we met Meg, Karen, Rocky, and misc other people whose
names shall be detailed later. (This is not a cop-out of an Aquarion
being afraid of missing people out. Oh No. At all. Bah), and the Quest
for the Meeting Spot began.

The quest began in a place of much mystical mysticism, the bottom of
the circular road. It was suggested we went around the outside, but
going though the middle was clearly quicker, and so the Map
Committee[1] followed the path, and wandered through the scenic
flowerbeds and slowly bronzing bodies littering the lawns of Regents
Park. Then we turned around and went around the outside, because that
was the only route to the meeting place.

[1] I am not taking *all* the stick for this one

Slowly, other people began to join us under the trees beside the
bridge. There was Geekary of chainmail, there was Tennis, There were
strawberries. There was a Frisbee, which was red. And there was a
field with a locked gate.

If you can guess where the *first* throw of the Frisbee ended up, you
get a bonus point. With the assistance of Bearded Swedes we retrieved
it, and played for a while. As the game progressed a rubber turntable
joined the thrown objects, as did a tiny blue Frisbee. And A Good Time
Was Had By All.

There was also juggling.

When the hour of six approached, we were led like the careless sheep
we all undoubtedly are to the basement of the Green Man, where there
were drinks, bikkits (Thanks Kyle), Small Light sabres (thanks to
Barry V), much talking, geeking, and stuff. There is a comprehensive
list of people somewhere around, and I’m sure someone will post it.

This was not a meet report, it is just a framework for everyone else
to comment on, so do so, here:

Thanks and kudos to all organisers as ever, and when’s the next one?

Yours in total sincerity,

Aquarion De’blue

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