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I’m terrible at leaving comments. I’m worse for demanding others do. Duel standards are a bitch.

My email is up the creek, for some reason. Random messages seem to have never made it as far as my mail box. This apparently is a problem with sacrifice (my mail server), rather than the hosting box. Very strange. So if you’ve sent me a message and it looks like I’m being an insensitive jerk, I have an excuse this time 🙂

Afphrid is back. The Alt.Fan.pratchett database of relationships is an odd beast, and my first major PHProject, The new version is a little better coded, a little more robust, and has gained two major bug reports in it’s first 12 hours. But for doing it, I got kudos, and kudos meant I spent the day improving it. FWIW, the messaging system exists (well, the structure and the viewing ability, just not the filing, deleting, replying or sending) but cliques is undergoing a rethink.

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