Dark Light

Today was spent not doing IRC.

Various displacement activities were done as a reaction to this, like sorting out /home/aquarion/, repairing and patching Forever, catching up on diaries, fiction, games and news. Like Designing, planning, posting and documenting, commenting, film watching and installing Jabberd.

But mostly it was to not be on IRC, because it’s become a place I don’t want to be right now. It’s taken over the server, the channels I’m normally on, not too mention far too much bandwidth in LiveJournals and diaries, so I’ve abandoned the entire thing for a while, and I sincerly hope that everyone involved in it lives happily ever after.

In the meantime, I’m still around by email, I’ll get my ICQ client working again, and maybe even start up a channel those who have to IRC can get to me on another channel, far away. It may be a week, last time I did this it was an entire month to return to the wasteland where the channel once was. I’m not going to talk about why, because enough has already been said.

There is more fiction, it was writen August last year, but I didn’t upload it. It’s called text and it’s depressing.

Yes, I’m sinking into depression again, which is bad, but stuff is happening, which is good. With any luck stuff will happen to enable Project Geekhouse to happen fully.

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