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Except from today’s Movie Meeting, The main narrative is in plain text, the running comentary from the rest of #movie is in italics

Aquarion: So, has anyone actually got anything to report this fair morn, Or shall I go headfirst into the reasons why Paypal are a collection of fuckwits whose very existance blights our own?

thom: is this the continuous spamming you’ve recieved to which you refer?
Aquarion: This would be part of it, yes.
eelco: Oh, go on, have a rant. You know you want to. And we as well ๐Ÿ™‚

For those of you whose attention has been wandering, last week I was convinced – against my better judgement – to sign up finally with Paypal, as a quick and easy method of us supporting Credit Card transactions without all this tedious mucking about with E-Gold. (The Movie needs to be able to accept credit cards, so I’ve been researching ways we could do this)So I signed up, and the club signed up, and the 1000 Elephants Club could take credit cards! And yay, for there was much rejoicing.

thom: yay..woo..

And verily did Ali and Oliver offer to test the system, by attempting to purchase one of the fair memberships, so bright and golden, that our website did offer in the most enlightening way.

* lonecat adjusts Aquarion’s prose control

And thus did emails come to me, saying “Don’t forget to claim your money from Oliver Newman” and Don’t forget to claim your money from Alison Willis” and I did follow the links therein, and press the “Accept the damn money” button. And verily did it sayath to me “You haven’t added a credit-card to your account. You can’t accept credit-card transactions until you do. So Ner”
And so I spoketh under my breath, saying unto myself “I told you so”, and then did swear Very Loudly Indeed.

This is Reason One for why Paypal are fools.

Nanny_Ogg: Lonecat: Think you turned that knob the wrong direction. ๐Ÿ˜‰
lonecat: whoops
Nanny_Ogg: (Never mind, I’m enjoying this)

The next day, I felt like Harry Potter.

Nanny_Ogg: Aq: In what particular way?
* thom autosigs aqua’s last statement

For in my mail box, I had not one, but five emails from paypal, all saying “Don’t forget to claim your money from Oliver Newman”, I said “okay” and I went and canceled Oliver’s transaction, to stop the emails.

But the emails did not stop.

And I checked a few hours later, and I had about fifty of the things. And I said Bad Words. And very soon, more and more letters came.

Bluebottl: Morning
hippo: hi Julie*hug*
Oliver: im innocent until proven otherwise
Maaike: sorry I’m late

And I emailed Paypal, and they said “Visit our website”, so I swore, and visited the website…

What this leads up to is this: Since midnight on Sunday, every few minutes Paypal send me a blank email with the subject “Don’t forget to claim your money from Oliver Newman”

Nanny_Ogg: Hi Maaike, Hi Julie
Nanny_Ogg: Fuckers!
Nanny_Ogg: (Not you two, Paypal.)
thom: is that the new #movie greeting?
thom: “hi maiike, hi julie. Fuckers!”
eelco: Nanny_ogg: no, they are not, else they wouldn’t have all that time to send emails….

In a few hours, I will change the name of the club to the “1000 pieces of fucking paypal spam club”

thom: have you made them stop yet?
Aquarion: Nope, they haven’t responded to my “Customer service enquiry”, which I sent Tuesday

Currently they are being filtered to a compressed mailbox, where I can count them and do precision complaints at them when I phone them on Monday.

Oliver: well i’ve cut it at my end and it shows on my statement as the money having left and gone back into my account

The strange thing is that Ali’s transaction is still there in the account, and i’ve had *nothing* about that since last Sunday.

eelco: Question: As I understand it, you need a creditcard to get your money, yes? Why don’t you add a creditcard?
Aquarion: eelco: Because the club doesn’t have one, yet. I’ve been a bit busy this week to try and get one.
eelco: Any possibilitis to temporarily use someone elses creditcard?
Bluebottl: There be dragons
Aquarion: I’d add mine, but that’s sort of a last resort
Aquarion: And yes, There be Dragons, as Bluebottle says ๐Ÿ™‚
Aquarion: *ahem* Sorry for ranting at you, but it’s starting to affect my legendary good temperament
Aquarion: ๐Ÿ™‚
eelco: Nah, nothing as healthy as a good rant now and then. Gets things out of your system.
eelco: (and it gives us something to gloat over as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Fade out, As movie meeting begins…

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