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By my previous happy reaction, you can probably guess that my new Hard-drive install went without a hitch.

You would be wrong.

One, I didn’t plug the cable (motherboard end) into the socket properly, so it could see that the drive existed but not what it was. This took several hours of panicking, esspecially when I plugged my old HDD back in and it didn’t work either. Oh hellfire.

Then when I finally fixed that, I tryed to reinstall windows from the Windows 98 disc that came with my computer when I first got it, and was fairly suprised when it told me:

"This is not an Acer System"

Which is true, sort of. It is the same computer, except that I have replaced the case, motherboard, graphics, sound, floppy-drive, CD-Drive, Modem, and now Hard Drive. Ahh, See your point. The only thing left inside that was there 18 months ago is the processor and 32mb of memory (of 98).

It’s quite lucky that my brothers new computer came with a full Windows 98 install set (including boot-disk, well done Simply) which is something they soon won’t be allowed to do.

Windows installed (eventually) and I plugged in my old Data drive in order to copy across the junk I need…

Junk… Stuff we throw away.
Stuff… Junk we keep.

…and then my old 4 gig system disk for my application settings. After playing with Outlook, IE, and other stuff, not installing Office 97 again, I started to actually use the thing.

And was shocked.

My ‘pooter now goes from “Windows will now reset your computer” to my home network login in just over 30 seconds, well over the 3 minutes it took before. I should do this more often 🙂

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