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And so a new Aquarionics Project is formed, in the shape of Geekhouse. This will become the base for me attempting to move to Cambridge. It basically exists to make me feel guilty that I haven’t done anything yet 🙂

In order to do this, I have done something I didn’t want to do. I have forked off the code from Aquarionics 3.1c. Right now there exists 3.1d (Which is running Aquarionics, and is 3.1c patched to enable me to host more than one weblog from a single database (The “Projects” patch) and Aquarionics 3.2, which is currently running on the playground (My test server, if you know the address of the old test site, go forth and visit :-)) which is a complete backend reshuffle of the Klide engine to make it easier to design a site around it. And that hasn’t yet got the Projects Patch.

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