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* Teut saw piccies of the Segway today
<Ludmila> …whcih would be…?
<Aquarion> AKA “Project Ginger
<Ludmila> which is…?
<Aquarion> “So today the mysterious Project Ginger – The thing that everyone suspected was going to be a scooter – was announced. And it was announced that it was, in fact, a scooter.
<Aquarion> Aiming to fill the void between the ease of walking, and the speed of driving.
<Aquarion> For all those people who have never heard of the bicycle.
<Aquarion> “
<Teut> Or moped
<Teut> Doesn’t looks as daft as I’d imagined
<Teut> And, I have to confess, it has a fairly large “I want one of those” factor
<Aquarion> “How are you getting to tEC6 then?”
<Aquarion> “Segway
<Aquarion> Apparently it automatically senses when you want to go forward, or stop, or turn around.
<Aquarion> So riding it to work is probably not a good move
<Aquarion> “So, Jones, Why are you late for work?”
<Aquarion> “My Segway wanted to go home”
<– Ludmila pulls a ladder from the wall and climbs out, saying “2.8.2-EPIC3.004+Kasi — just do it.”
<Teut> Nah, it senses which way you lean
* Teut thinks that they might take some getting used to
–> Ludmila (mmickels@kruuna.helsinki.fi) drops though the trapdoor into #eddings
<Aquarion> *nod*
<Teut> But, come one, how could it *not* be worth it?
<Aquarion> Er, by being $3000?
<Teut> So? It’s only

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