Hellfire. And Damnation And other non-positve stuff. My…

Ok, Somehow I got listed on Threadnaught's GBLogs, and they are giving me hits. Woo hoo! Favour returned :-)

Happy happy Joy Joy! Oh Joyous Saturday, that bringeth shiny…

Dark Light


And Damnation

And other non-positve stuff.

My secondary Hard-drive has kicked it’s little heels in the air and gone to the great Format C: in the sky.
This is the drive where, for example, Halflife is installed, Linux is installed, and (worst of all) my local version of Aquarionics is installed.

To be fair, it hasn’t died *yet* but my Bios is giving me nasty warnings about “Status: BAD, Backup and replace” so now I dig out my Zip Drive & stuff and spend an entertaining while with it. Oh yes, and buy a new Hardd-rive. *sigh*

In More, and differant news, Melissa at Geeksuperstar (a page I shall keep plugging until you visit it. Yes Barry, this means you) has got her new design up and bannerless, with a small amount of help from Yours Truly. In fact, doing that has given me an idea for this page involving javascript. Ghod help us all 🙂

Talking of Barry, and yes I was, my friend Barry has, after long deliberations, quit his job and abandoned Sunny Kent in this ‘ere garden of England, and decided to head for the (admittedly hotter and sunnier) shores of the Party Isle, Ibiza.


But, back to the positve, and my Own Personalized 404 Messages Are Now Working! Yey!

Sound Familier?. Well, some of it does. I did think about running off an entry at 2am this morning when I got home, but didn’t. Probably due to the fact my fingers were missing more keys than usual 🙂

And finally, on a lighter note. I am *still* organising a christmas gathering. Last Christmas, as in.


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