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(Aquarion) Bugger.

(carrie) what Aq?

(Aquarion) i’ve just accidentally ordered Buffy Season III.

(lonecat) *laugh*

(carrie) and you wanted??

* lonecat kisses Aquarion

* carrie fuzzles the fishtank.

(Aquarion) I wanted to think I had the self control not to 🙂

(carrie) ROFL Aq.

(ccooke) explain accidentally?

(Aquarion) Er, I accidentally used my associates account to create a link on my local web page that would order it and give me a comission.

(Aquarion) I then accidentally clicked this link, clicked buy, clicked order, and clicked another three buttons confirming the order

(Aquarion) I’m quite accident prone when I put my mind to it.

(ccooke) Right. That’s what I thought

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