Dark Light

I’ve been trying to write a review of the year, but it seems self obsessive and depressing, so I shall summerise:

January: Fucked Up Uni. Depressed. AFPMeets, begining of the Great Aquarionics Host Saga. Oh, and Happy Birthday

Febuary/March: Fucked up Drama Soc. Few AFPMeets. The great Feedback post. Snow. Got Stuff Done. Luck – Good

May: Drift. Nothing vital happened. The Flatpack Story, a few drabbles, Cry, Dragon, and Block. A poem, pixelation. DNA dies, The final straw for leaving Sunderland

June: Left Uni.

July: More AFPMeets. Incident at the Karioke bar in London where me and lonecat kissed. Fucking up University, tEC, Aquarion tries not to fall for someone, Things happening that cannot be said…, Aquarionics goes away for a month.

August: Aquarionics Returns, More AFPMeets. CCDE, The Kentmeet. The Girlfriend (The Shock, the suprise, the deprication). The Green Man.

September: Continued shock at relationship, followed rapidly by extreme levels of Bad Stuff in the US, and reactions to it, Aquarion passes Uni 🙂, Getting over the past, and hating stations

October: Names, Realisation of lack of life,

November: The Start of the Tests, TMBG concert

December: Christmas. New Years. Project Geekhouse begins properly

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