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Complexigone – A shape that has far too many sides to be useful IRL

Spent the weekend in Cambridge, making my life more complicated than it is already.

In a few hours, I will get on a train to University. There I shall take some exams for a couple of weeks while in a town that, while I no longer loathe to a degree that was not only unhealthy but actively destructive, I stil dislike. I thought that University would focus myself in what I want to do, but as I go on, it’s getting more and more like the relentless grind that A-Levels became, and this time without the respite of Theatre Studies to keep me occupied. I am there because they took me. I am at university because I wanted to be with all my heart, because it gave me a direction to live for for the six years of secondary school, and now I am here, it’s just the same.

And I didn’t work well then either.

My life is incredibly simple. Go to uni. Do exams. Come Home. Don’t do exams. Be on IRC. Events happen occasionally that make my life look compicated from here, but really quickly resolve themselves into even more simple matters. ie, “Doing anything about this will screw up everything. Don’t.”. I have lost entire groups of friends by acting on that which is better left unsaid, undone, and hopefully ignored until it resolves.

If it resolves. Part of me hopes it never does.

Is that cryptic enough? The fact I can destroy my life on a single phrase (again) means I must steer clear of saying what it is I cannot say. If you see what I mean. So I remain here, and hope it all goes away.

In the meantime, I play games, and watch movies.

This week, I order every person ever to get into the epics of Diablo 2? and the twisted world of Alice (Review Soon), and watching Dogma?.

Sadly for me, I will be in Sunny Sunderland for the next couple of weeks, computerless while it stays here playing Network Server. Fun. TTFN

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