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I’ve got into the habit of photographing the contents of my bag & pocketvomit every so often. Partly as a personal “Where you were” thing, but also because one of the early times I did it – the 2009 bag photo – ended up being a couple of days before a car my stuff was in was broken into, and the photo was a handy reference of all the stuff that I now needed to replace. (That week, where I spent five hours on trains to get across London to pick up a laptop from a depot in Barking, had my bag (with the laptop in it) stolen, then got in to work on Tuesday and was fired; does not rank within my top weeks ever).

So, pocketvomit:

Pocket vomit, as of this morningL-R, T-B:

  • Vanacci card slip-case, Kickstarted. RFID shielded, and looks neat. Oyster, card and paper cash go in an elastic strap at the back.
  • Zippo
  • Pebble smart-watch with custom strap
  • iPhone 5S with Surfacepad case
  • Declan microfibre screen/glasses cloth
  • Insufficient money
  • Kingston USB key, Gerber Shard (airline safe, though I’ve never tried it) & bottle opener.
  • Keys
  • Cotton nose/other things cleaning cloth.

This post was a lie exactly forty minutes after I took this photo. I’ll explain why next week.


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