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I missed week 13, because it was unlucky.

(And I forgot)

A fairly productive fortnight, all told. I blew the dust off Larp.me and wrote one of the larger puzzle pieces between it and the fabled fiction archive section, and upgraded the server it’s on in the process. I attacked my PC with a screwdriver and fixed several of the noisy fan issues it’s had since Wk12, and did prep for some larp games.

In the world of computer games I spent a long time on Cities: Skylines, about which I should write, about 6 hours on The Magic Circle, about which I did write, and some time in The Secret World’s new issue, which I’m still processing. I’m aiming to finish that off tonight.

Next weekend is Empire, so that’ll be fun. With any luck I’ll have finished writing up Falling Down by then…

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