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The previous MTOL were in 2004 and 2007, and soon I’m going to get over this “I’ve been doing this too long” kick.


Google & Omnifocus, mostly. My email is google-app based, although most of my interface with it is with Mailbox, which allows me to do things like “Tell me about this in a week” or “Bother me with this when I’m on my laptop”. Google Inbox looks like a nice idea, but doesn’t work with Google Apps right now. My Calendar is Google Calendar, and even my contacts are in there. Email is reproduced to a local server, contacts less so, but they sync to most of my devices.

I made my choice between the Apple and Android ecosystems long ago, and I’m generally happy with my choice. There are good reasons to use Android, and some of them better than mine for using iOS, but none that will override the investment in app store things at this point. So I run an iPhone and an iPad.

Documents and notes generally live in Evernote, physical items are scanned with a Doxie scanner and automatically PDF’d and added to a Scans Inbox notebook, those get sorted every so often. Should I be trapped without a GUI, Geeknote is CLI access to evernote.

Files are mostly in Dropbox, which is synced to my desktop, laptop and a home server.

Tasks and Projects are the only major thing remaining without a web interface, because Omnifocus doesn’t have one (Spootnik exists. I’m not impressed, and it appears not to have been touched in a couple of years). It does have accept from email, which I use a lot.

I have a preference for platform agnosticism in my apps, for things that will work on any windows, mac or linux client I’m using, over a web connection if necessary.


Entries generally start in Evernote, Stories in Scrivener, some of them even get finished.


Photo manager is another area lacking. I’ve yet to find a decent photo manager that’s cross-platform, so everything’s still in iPhoto (Well, actually it’s in the beta of the new Photos App for OS X, which is fairly nice). Editing and creation is done in whatever’s most appropriate of Illustrator, Photoshop or Gimp.


For listening to mine, still iTunes. Partly part of the Mac-Ecosystem thing, partly because Smart Playlists are still beyond most of the alternatives. I maintain a spotify subscription, though, and to be honest most of my music listening goes through that.

Recorded in Audacity, edited in Garageband while I’m trying to get to grips with Audition.

Movies & TV

Under the TV is a server running Plex Media Server and a large external hard drive. Everything goes to that, and is watched from wherever I am. Sometimes over the web from a very long way away.


Is a whole other article 🙂


Some people are on Facebook, others Twitter, others Google+, others Ello. Some are even still on Livejournal. I miss exceptionally the days when I could say something somewhere and know that a large percentage of my friendship circle would have seen it. Nowadays a larger friendship circle *might* have seen it if Facebook liked me that day.

Despite how dead RSS is, how everyone hates it, and how it’s not viable in a post-Facebook internet, generally I read everything on Feedly except actual news News, which I read in newspaper form on my iPad, like some kind of throwback to last century.

I like the concept of Reddit, liked it even more when it was Usenet, and still haven’t written an NNTP client for reddit yet. Soon.

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  1. For the little it’s worth, I still love and consume a lot of RSS as it allows me asynchronous and filtered consumption. (Want an interesting read? Check your Aquarionics feed. Want a pretty picture? Check your Ravelry feed. Want some mindless snippets of attempted humour? FML. (I’d love to replace that, but I’ve yet to find another feed to fill that niche – bash and QDB are also in it, but they update very rarely.)) Thank you for maintaining Aquarionics’s feed 🙂

    PS: I love your movie/watching ecosystem and, if it goes missing one day, it was totally not me.

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