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My life hacks, how I work from day to day, etc.


My life is run by an aqwiki which contains all my contacts, projects and events (And is both hidden behind a http auth system and backed up daily to several locations, natch). I’ve put an edited, static copy of the front page up here as an example. Note the “TODO” list is just an inline search for “TODO:”, to add something to my todo list I create a wiki page of the problem and put “TODO: do this” which gets replaced with “DONE:” when completed.

The comics list is a aqwiki macro which reads the wikiPage “ComicsData” and generates a list of webcomics I should read today. The table of contents is generated using Javascript (And doesn’t work sufficiently to stay, unfortunatly)


Most of the time I’m working in Windows (XP-SP2b), because it’s far more responsive and I can play games without rebooting. The server (atoll) runs Debian GNU/Linux sarge (testing) branch (probably sticking to sarge when it gets released).


AqWiki, obviously. Browser is Firefox (Couldn’tLiveWithout extensions: Linky, Tabbrowser Extensions, Web Developer Toolbar (Or just EditCSS).

Workrave sits in the taskbar whinging at me every 10 minutes, 45 minutes, and eight hours respectively to get off the computer and do something more interesting.

I use Bloglines for keeping track of syndicated sites, gaim for the myriad of messaging services and IRC, slrn for usenet (Meaning, obviously, PuTTY to connect to my Linux server, which is running leafnode2

Graphics with Paint Shop Pro


Atoll, the server, runs exim and dovecot as an imap server. All mail is filtered though procmail. Each mailing list is then sent to a usenet group under Leafnode, anything remaining then goes though Spamassassin, and then if it survives that hits my inbox, where it’s read with Thunderbird if I’m at my computer or mutt over ssh if I’m at someone elses. I have squirrelmail installed for web-based email should neither of those work.

Text editor

Edit+ or gvim under windows. Vim under linux. Anything else is Just Plain Wrong.

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