Dark Light

On the first day, Which was Sunday, there was stuff happening, and I read Girlfriend in a Coma (This was recently misspelt in this very entry as Girlfriend in a Comma, which would have made her *very small*.

On the second day, which was a Monday, Nothing happened, and I failed to get anything done.

On the third day, which was a Tuesday, I got up early, drank tea, went to the post office, returned library books, visited the office, promised the finish of a web-design by 9am next morning, Bought a computer magazine, went home, watched Buffy, played on IRC, put in a order to Amazon, sorted the finances for the Movie Project a bit, and went to bed.

On the fourth day, which was a Wednesday, and was about 01:30, I rememembered the promise, and blitz the entire design to get it done, and at 3am went back to bed again.

Later on the fourth day, which was still a Wednesday, albeit now one with added daylight, I remembered the Magazine, which came complete with a full version of EverQuest and a two week trial of using it. I installed this, discovered it wouldn’t work without me finally fixing IPTables or IPChains on my firewall, which was going to require a recompiled kernel.

This didn’t work.

Because of various preexisting modules and other associated crap, I deleted every 2.4 kernel installed on my system and went back to 2.2.17. Then remembered that /home/ is a reiser-formatteed drive, which that kernel doesn’t support. Thus screwed, I plugged the modem into the desktop, and started recompiling kernels and watching copious amounts of Buffy Season Three.

Today, being Thursday, the Amazon order arrived, and I spent eight hours playing Final Fantasy 8, which is a *good* game.

And therefore missed a phone call from pol, offering me a lift to the Bath Meet this weekend, which I wasn’t going to be able to get to unless I got paid for the web-design I submitted Tuesday. I returned the call via an IRC query, and now I’m going to Bath to see LoneCat this weekend.


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