Dark Light

Nicked shamelessly from Mark

  1. Drifted into awakeness, thought “I should get up, what time is it?”, then dreamt looking at my watch, seeing it was half six, and deciding to stay in bed. It was not six thirty.
  2. Got up, recovered from a night of dreams of big A4 bits of red paper saying “Payment Due”, turned on my computer (to listen to Radio 4) and discovered my hard-drive in the desktop is now fragged as well.
  3. Discovered that my train to Paddington was delayed. Got stuck in a ‘Quiet’ coach sat next two a pair of marketing executives discussing a deal at high volume.
  4. …who then glared at me for switching on my GameBoy (muted, natch)
  5. Fought my way onto the train at Paddington (After letting people off, which put me behind the crowd I started at the front of
  6. Fought my way off the train at Baker Street when the train was cancelled due to a failed signal.
  1. Got to work to discover that yesterdays code panics when it encounters google. Bother.
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