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Nicked from Nattie who always has interesting surveys.

It is always a pleasure to hear from ….. Anyone. Leave comments 😛

The weather this month has been ….. Cold but refreshing.

I am hoping that ….. I can get work, and get to Bath for the meet

Right now I am listening to ….. (See box to the right. Currently Fraggle Rock)

I wish, intensely, that I had some ….. Money

There is something extraordinarily fascinating about ….. Crashing peoples minds

I recently found ….. A cd I thought I’d lost

I have been wishing for ….. Happiness.

When I’m in New York, I’ll ….. Go see Sam

I need not tell you how much I enjoy ….. Coding new bits of Aquarionics

I love to sit on ….. Chairs.

As you know, I make a great ado about ….. Being bored but not doing anything about it

It makes me extremely proud to ….. Have a pet lonecat

I have been trying to get together ….. Myself

In my opinion, most people are ….. Interesting

I am wholly in favor of ….. Fun.

How fortunate I am to ….. be alive

I am somewhat lazy about ….. finding a job

The last weird thing I ate was ….. A Rasberry and Cracked pepper boiled sweet

Today I am hoping to ….. Write an episode of the Panto, phone to get my phone fixed, Get my hair cut

Right now, I am feeling ….. like it’s quarter to 8 (pm) and I didn’t do any of those things

One of the first things I do when I wake up is ….. Fetch email. Yes, I’m sad.

I shall be much interested in ….. What happens in a week or so’s time.

Every now and then, I think of ….. the past.

Right now, I am hearing ….. The fan, and Armand Van Helden, Essential mix live@ Homelands. Eww. *click* Aha, Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start The Fire

Tomorrow I am going to ….. Do Stuff

The one thing I could not live without is ….. People.

What I’d really love this Christmas is ….. Be in Cambridge.

With best wishes, I am ….. Leaving you. ’till next time…

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