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Wednesday. Traditionally my day off. First thing's first, If…

Wednesday. Traditionally my day off.

First thing’s first, If you’ve just come here from the sunshine waters of /usr/bin/girl Heya, welcome to hell, take a look around. We arn’t up to normal speed at the moment – I took down quite a bit for updating, and still havn’t updated it – but I hope you have fun.

Secondly, to the people who gave me feedback on the Rememberance thing over the weekend, Thanks.

Third, After feedback from various people (including the people on #afe I nagged to check it over) I’ve increased the text-size of this a level (mainly because Netscape rendered it litterally unreadable. *sigh*) as well as a couple of new (and returning) bits down either side-column, including the Cool Things log, and the ICQ status. Coming back in a few days is the “Mostly doing…” bit which totally failed to fit into the previous design and was a major factor in deciding on this one (Nothing quite changes your mind like a referals cheque, but I digress).

Fourth, I have an assignment to finish, so I shall continue typing. I reserved Monkey Island 4 in Game today, so I am irrevokably comitted to buying it. Shame.