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I don’t subscribe to the view that Resulting Partial Deafness = A Good Night Out.

This is a shame, because most of the DJ’s in Sunderland do.

I have just returned from an evening out at The Palace (no web-site I know off, probably because the usual ideal of “Only photos of the nice bits” doesn’t work when there aren’t any) with the Drama Society (This followed a trip to the student bar, which followed a period of going home to change, which followed a trip to the bar, which followed a rehearsal, You get the idea, thus I am slightly drunk as I type). The main problem with the palace is the music.

As a nightclub it’s OK, I guess. The main hall is a two-tiered dance floor with a rotating stage – which I have never seen used – on the top floor along with the DJ Booth. Around the edges of the dance floor are carpeted areas with stools and tables (and bars, natch). Also surrounding the dance area is a Balcony on which you can sit and watch the gyrating fools below. The centre of the balcony is a VIP area, which is reserved for Karioke on student nights (ie, Monday). All is painted in bright colours, and multicoloured lights litter the landscape. The DJ booth is surrounded by towers on which dancers do their funky thing (Including one “Dave The Rave”, who manages to provide an energetic rave routine for three hours. God gives him the dance, he says) and the drinks are cheap (

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