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August is shaping up to be a busy month.

Work ramped up, both sides of the coin, after a time-bomb screwup I made several weeks ago suddenly got trodden on, and the other side hit deadline week. Trying to keep on top of both sides of that has been tricky, especially as this month I’m basically going full-time with what was originally supposed to be my temporary part-time contract, and is now tracked to last at least a year…

Odyssey is getting really quite close (it’s the 14th), and my sole contribution to the non-uptime bits, in the form of a new system to track Blessings/Curses and other Involuntary Special States, is nearly on track. The weekend’s task was to get PDF generation of blessings working, and from there printing, so I’ve sunk a few hours into that. The PDFs are being generated, although the text and design’s not quite there yet. Task for this week’s evenings is to finish that up, and import the existing blessings list.

Project Move-To-Oxford proceeds apace. We’ve now got the place, but are in an unusal limbo position while it’s repainted and the various ducks swim into alignment for the actual move to happen. I’m already pulling in previous move’s lists of people to contact and things that need to be done, but a lot of them have this massive overhanging dependency, so I can plan all I like, I can’t do anything yet…

Because the thing that I need now is a new, additional hobby for the remaining seconds in the day when I’m not already doing things, I’ve taken my occasional experiments in blending and infusing alcohol a step further into actually brewing things. I’ve got an article on my first batch of beer in a semi-finished state, and now I’ve also got a jug of mead merrily farting away in the dark corner of the kitchen.

For a friend’s birthday party I also dug out my traditional Cheesecake recipe, and revised and updated it with ten years experience making it. I even made a label to put beside it so people could see what was in it, and then entirely forgot to take it with me. So it’s presented here, where it can be entirely useless forever.



…which has, in general, been a week of text editors and trips to Oxford, and I’ve not been playing very much. However, I did declare “Sod it all” last night for a decent session of GTAV and then get distracted by Sims for a while (House moving always makes me want to play Sims, it makes life look so much neater).

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  1. Recently saw a Sims comment that was something about the fact it allows you to play out your fantasies, like holding a full-time job and owning a house…

    That label is very pretty, by the way (as well as helpful)… Much luck with the move!

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