Dark Light

So, I’m back in the fictional town of Paddock Wood.

Where I live.


Nevermind, time to start bright-siding again. I’ll be back to reading AFP again as soon as sacrifice finishes downloading the messages, I have Something To Do, I have a Future, and an Aim. And stuff.

Oh, and my monitor’s broken, I’m too far away from lonecat, the net connection is even slower than normal, I’m still stuck in hell, and various people have forgotten I exist.


Thom and Corinne have other problems, which may well see them vanish from the radar for a bit in the near future. As much as I argue with Corinne, I still like them both, not that I’d wish their current situation on my own worst enemey.

ie, Me. But I digress.

So, for those of you who got lost in the explainations, a summery of the last two and a half weeks.


Aquarion leaves home earlyish in order to meet LoneCat in London, which – after both of us being late – we do, in a coffee-shop between Charing Cross and Embankment stations. We then wander to the National Theatre, where I buy a copy of Tartuffe – the play I went to see earlier in the month. Then we wander up to Camden Market so LoneCat can look though all the shops that sell strange goth stuff, and we can look and go “Oooh, Shiny” at things, which we do. We also have some Chinese Fast Food in the form of Stuff In Boxes, which we eat. Then, after the communication difficulties that normally arise with these things, we meet Chris outside a dead pub, and go to a more live pub in order to drink Guinness and speak of affairs. Except lonecat, who didn’t drink Guinness, but did do affairs speak. Chris is currently working on Love Like Blood, for which he has passed many of the bridges the Maskerade Movie that I’m involved with will have to cross in the future. After that discussion we (LoneCat and I) wandered down to the Elephant & Castle pub for an AFP meet.

The meet was, as meets are, fun. I aquired the remaining Buffy Episodes up to the end of S5, for which I am eternally grateful to Ladylark, a complete set of books on Windows 2000 (From Guitar Huw, at a rock bottom price) all the Transmetropolitan I haven’t already read (Thanks go to ccooke) and had lots of fun. I then took all this back to Barry’s Flat were we (Me, Lonecat and some others) crashed. Next morning we awoke, and after talk and stuff we wandered up to Angel to meet ccooke and Pol and get a lift up to pol’s house, where I spent the following week and a half with LoneCat, pol, and Supermouse (up until the following weekend). The first Monday, pol had a meet, where ccooke ccooked his famous three ginger soup, and stuff with pasta, and it was very good, and it took us the rest of the week to finish it…

Stayed there for a week and a half, at various points we wandered up to the Forest of Dean, did part of the Sculpture Trail there, had pizza, did stuff, played Chez Geek, and Stronghold, and then, eventually, LoneCat headed home and I, like a faithful boyfriend, followed. We stayed there for less than twelve hours before we started off to Cambridge to celebrate LoneCat’s birthday. We got there just in time to catch a train to where ccooke works and join him for lunch (From a Deli which sells Nice Things. This may be bad when I move) before going back to Cambridge and wandering around for a bit.

For the evening meal we went to The Dojo, a resturant in town which sells Nice Food (It’s like wagamama, only different) then back to Cookie’s flat where they (LC & CC) played Magic and I read more Transmet. Next morning cc went to work, me and LC went back into town, into Games and Puzzles, where I finally bought her birthday present, Munchkin!

Then it was back to the coach, back to Bedford, grab a lift to LoneCat’s house, and stay there for a few days watching Buffy videos and re-reading Harry Potter books. Monday evening I took a train home, and here I am. Back.

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