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Everyone should be able to take a holiday from Real Life every so often.

Today marks the second week since I left the fictional town in favour of wandering around the country for a little while. A meet in London, crashing at Barry’s, a week and a half in Aylesbury with Pol and Supermouse, a couple of days in Cambridge with ccooke and then back to Bedford. All in the company of lonecat, who I get to see far less often than I’d like, although the last couple of weeks seems to make up for that.

Diaries are not always a good thing. Aquarionics has for the last two years (The last entry (7th April) marked the anniversary, although there was a diary here before (for about two months, the archives of which are forever lost 🙁 Two years is an awful long time, just under 10% of my lifespan, in fact) and in that time it’s survived a couple of majorly depressing bits and enough bad stuff I don’t want to be reminded off to keep me down. And that’s sort of the point, the archives provide a permenant reminder of the stuff that’s happened, both Good and Bad, but not all of it.

Some of you will be aware of my Opendiary, which ran for about a year, finally closing in Sepember last year. Some time, the entries may appear here in some heavily censored form, but I keep going though a sucession of diaries of varing levels of readership depending on who I want to tell what. That died in septemer, along with a lot of things. Now there are just two diaries. There is just here, which contains my life in abstract, my life online, and my life in shareable form. If I ever become interested in something, it goes here. As a general rule, if I don’t mind my parents reading anything, I put it here. (Recently, since at least one parental unit is reading this (Hi mum) this is quite literally true). There is another diary, encrypted as far as I can make it, offline, on a medium that cannot be gotten over the network, and secret, where all the other stuff goes. Life is complicated enough without having differerant levels of permission levels on it.

So, for example, I will tell you here that I’m doing bits of PHP work (and even getting paid for it), and that the series of events which will lead me to a place to live has been set in motion, in that I’ve finally stopped looking for a proper job

No, that doesn’t make sense, it’s not really meant to. Basically, I’ve decided that the main point should be to move to Cambridge, where I will do as much temp/freelance stuff as I can, get some experience under my belt so I have a declawed cat in hell’s chance of getting a job I’ll actually enjoy.

(Last time I did temp-work, I worked for Royal Mail without ever being told what I was supposed to be doinging, shreaded my hands picking vacuumed formed plastic shapes from the end of a production line, and failing to get paid for large chunks of it. I do have good memories of any of it)

Anyway, Next few days I’m remaining in the sunny world of Bedford before hitting the trains on Monday to the less sunny fictional town.

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