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So, I’m at Pol’s still, still not doing much (Well, a little work for people for which I’m being paid. It’s things to put on the CV, it’s practice, and it’s fun) not being on IRC much, not being on newsgroups at all (gosh that’ll be fun when I get back) and witnessing stuff happening without me.

So, people are pairing off again, hello Spring. This time of year usually makes me depressed (“No, Really?” – The people who have been reading this for the last few months) so it may be that that is making me see pain on the horizon for a few of them. I hope I’m wrong.

Adjusting perspectives is also interesting. I’ve always before seen it as something of an outsider, not in a major relationship and not understanding other peoples’s feelings. Now that’s changed.

And I’ve fallen off the grapevine. Where as historically I’ve been a catalyst for the AFP Dating agency, or at least someone who sees the mechanics behind the announcements, now I find out though other peoples’s diaries. I miss that too

And Finally…
The new design (New for values of over six months now) doesn’t have a link to the JavaIRC Chat Page that I’ve been hosting for the last few years. For reference, it’s at http://www.aquarionics.com/chat/. There will be a link in the main menu when I get back home. NSD is slightly deader than usual for the time being, until I get into a stage where I’m writing again it’s likely to remain that way. Sorry. It’s not fair on LoneCat to be the main writer for one of my websites 😐

And everything else? I am blissfully unaware of the world around me. I have been for a week or so now, and it’s nice. I am aware the Queen Mother has died, and my feelings for that are fairly neutral. I agree the Royal Family must change their role, either back into the running of the country or away from it completely. But while they are in mourning for a family member is not the best time to discuss this.

It looks like I’ll be in Bedford from Tuesday/Wednesdayish, and in Cambridge Wednesday evening. Beyond that, anything could happen.

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