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Erk, I was sure I had posted something. Damn Netscape, Janet, Blogger or whoever it was that foiled this plan. Oh well, here we go again:

Thursday was the casting for the Drama Society Production. I auditioned for this a week or two ago, and was fairly sure of a part. For the record, there are six male parts, four main, one less main, and one non-speaking. (He spends the entire play pissed out of his skull, and with his head down the toilet). So the casting was annouced. It was as follows:

Character Actor
Linda Jessica
Maureen Tess
Frances Jill
Carol Rachel
Bernie Siobhan
Roadie Jenny
Eddy Jonathan
Robbie/Dave Ciaran/Nick
Billy Matt
Kav Martin – blonde
Peter Martyn

Ok, a couple more points before we go any further. One: I am Nick, Two: I am possibly the worst purly physical actor you will ever see.

Third, Dave is the Non-speaking role.
I know the casting people. I went drinking with them. I diliberatly was crap at being Dave in the audition. So, why was I cast as Dave? Simple.

I was the person who would complain least.

And this, beyond anything, is the reason I got irritated. Not only how can they judge me that badly, but how dare they take advantage of good-naturedness to dump shit on me?

It’s been almost seven years since I noted that losing my temper solved nothing, and decided not to do it again. And thursday is the closest I have ever come to breaking that. The point was solved with me agreeing with someone who wants to play Dave (Ciaran, who plays Robbie) to swap for some performances. Thus was the pain diminished, although I’m still Not Happy.–>

It got better

Not even in a sarcastic way, either.

My life’s ambition (or one of them) is to write, and perform, a pantomime. And Suds (Sunderland Uni Drama Soc) are doing one. And you will never guess who is co-writing the thing.

Woo HOO!

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