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Last weekend was so fantastically fun that it beggers belief how totally fun it was.

Fun enough for me to change my handle on one of the channels because of it

As soon as the archive on other people’s opinions is up, I’ll post about it.

Started on my next fanfic just before I left. In an irony upon ironies, before I’d even told anyone about this I had been cast as the main charector in a Live Action Role Play (As in, the LARP was based on the same thing the Fanfic came from). Which, incidentally, is also the name I have changed to. Life has a great sense of humour.

IRC is… is… difficult. I am getting close to totally fed up with people who want to know me. Does that sound nasty? It is, and I hate myself for thinking about it. It doesn’t stop it being true, however. The reason I come on to IRC as Aquarion is to escape my real life, not to talk about it online. My life is dull beyond belief, Aquarion has a cool life, filled with Fiance

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