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#What was it I saw in New York.
#I’m not the same any more.

(Belle & Sebastian, Chickfactor)

Okay, I have my backups again, work will commence tomorrow. Yay. Just as my bank threaten to take away my overdraft, and one of my credit-card companies reports me to the credit-referencing agencies as the other one asks me if I want a raised limit. I really should tell them that I’m not a student any more.

Or am I? I still haven’t phoned Sunderland, and yes I know I should. Don’t stop pestering me, though (Bah, I might regret saying that).

I’ve been looking around, and I’ve been asking myself a question. Why didn’t I close Aquarionics?

For the “Day Without Weblogs” I closed the site for 24hrs. For remembrance day I closed the site. I have closed the site for various days (Valentines, Remembrance Day, Day Without Weblogs. All the depressing days of the year), apart from Valentines 2000, I haven’t actually closed the site ever because of my problems. So why didn’t I close the page for 11/09/01? I find this… odd. Out of character. It might be that my diary is now more precious to me, it might be the number of complaints I got when it closed for August. Or it might be that I would prefer to write than remain silent.

Bounce. Lonecat is coming down to TFTOPW for the weekend. This is Good, Nice, and Positive, although it’s going to mean introduction to parents and other scary thoughts and events. I spoke to my Grandparents today, and got a minor lecture on how I’ll never keep a young lady unless I become tidier. And the number of people joking about “When is the wedding?” scares me immensely. I’ve been single for the last six years at least, I’m still adjusting to the idea that people can like me, let alone go out with me. This is only slightly more scary than the fact that the only people who didn’t know we were going to be a couple at least three weeks before we did, were people who either didn’t know us, or were us.

This scares me more than I can say

New stuff coming soon: I have an idea for a new site, which is going to take me quite a bit of content writing, plus I have so much stuff to write on Ccooke‘s site it’s untrue. (Go to the Plaza. Everything that links from it at the moment is mine, including the whole station and lift complex. I’m quite proud of it, so I’m pointing people there. The cute balls of fluff and the trains, however, are Ccooke’s. There is some /strange/ stuff in there, and only a little bit of it is mine. Go forth, Explore.


To the right is box. Not a nasty, Error box. Nor a solid, content box. It is a message box. And that means feedback.

I spent minutes designing the box, and whole tens of minutes making the back end of it work properly. Please send me feedback, so I can know it works 😀

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