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Okay, Not quite dead, but nearly.

I’m ill, and I’m not good at being ill. I’ve had a vague headache-type-thing since Saturday, which waited until Sunday morning to really kick in. Having a pounding headache is no way to enter a Movie Meeting, and this one in particular was a bad one to have not been at my best.

To anyone who is involved: No, I am not about to let this die. I have spent far to much time and strained far too many friendships in the name of this movie, and a lack of interest on the part of the world is not going to waste that. Kay? This Will Not Die.

Anyway, headaches. So we (Me and Lonecat, I was in Bath, don’t forget) left the movie meeting early. (“Stormed out” some may call it, but there was little more that could have been done that meeting) and walked to the riverbank…

…(Pause, while Aquarion implements a Spelling Checker for Klind)…

…where we talked of Geeking, of the Geekhouse Project, and other stuff of a fun nature. When the people in the tour boats started to wave at us, we left. We had Ice cream, and then I caught the 14:27 out of Bath and home.

By this time my headache was a dull thump in the back of my head, and, as the train began to move, I decided to sleep…

…I awoke outside Swindon with the light from a thousand exploding suns in front of my eyes and a million garden gnomes armed with mallets attacking my head. I rapidly applied sunglasses, which helped somewhat, and closed my eyes again, which helped lots. I point out that the day was completely overcast, and so I got many strange and wonderful looks as I drifted off the train at Paddington, wincing visibly at every noise.

London Transport is designed with two major flaws. The first is the lack of disabled access to the Underground, and the second is that it’s horribly noisy. I made it to the Hammersmith And City Line (Pink) platform at Paddington, and wished I’d stayed in bed.

Get on train. Listen to prattle from little old lady opposite about how good the tube was nowadays. Listen to announcement about how this H&C Train (Pink) will become a Circle Line Clockwise Train (Yellow) at the next station. Listen to her misunderstand this and get confused. Explain patiently. Go back to looking hung-over. Get off at Baker Street.

Baker Street is one of the original underground stations of the world. It’s over a hundred years old, and you can tell. The massive Victorian architecture is very nice indeed, but spoilt slightly by the tacky “Sherlock Holmes” bust tiles all over the rest of it. And the Jubilee line bit has very much been tacked on to the end, so it wasn’t suprising, really, when I got on a Northbound Train that was underneath a Southbound Sign.

Get off at St Johns. Get back on at St Johns. Pass Baker Street. Wake Up Just In Time for London Bridge. Miss Train Home By 3 Minutes (Roughly the time to get to Baker Street from St Johns) and wait for an hour at London Bridge for next train.

Arrive tired, still headachy, and looking like death warmed up at home at 18:45. Wonder briefly why the trains to and from Bath hate me quite so much. Realise I don’t care, because I got to see Lonecat again.


Wake up at 23:30, still with headache, take paracetamol. Go on IRC. Start writing Diary Entry.


Now. New topic:

Something is happening. Something that is an amalgamation of all the projects I’ve failed to do on Aquarionics since it began almost two years ago. Something called NSD. Soon, fact fans.

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