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Edited for links 01-03-02

There are days I hate
There are days I depise
There are days I wish I was dead for.
And then there was today.

It’s a simple problem, simply explained with simplicity. Tuesday I installed a new MoBo & Processor on Delirium (My PC). Windows had large amounts of problems with this, due to the newness and cheapness of the new board and the oldness and top-of-the-rangness of the old one (Last time I was only getting a MoBo, so I spent more money on it, this time I have to get both for the same price, so the MoBo is cheaper. Kay?). The easiest way out of this problem is, like many Windows problems, easy. Format C: Reinstall windows. I do this so often (every 3 months ish) I have the Windows CD stored locally under d:setup (D is my 6 gig Data drive, C is a 4 gig Windows drive, E is the 10 gig Apps drive.) So, before I start, I backup the entire 2gig windows drive to a zip file on d:. This takes ages.

Definition of “Ages”: in the time it took that to happen I recreated a new computer out of the bits of mine I’ve upgraded over the years. The only parts from the original system still in use are the Monitor and the Hard-drive (4 gigs, in Delirium as a Linux drive).

So; Backup c: to d:c.zip; reboot; F8 at startup; Select Safe Mode Command Prompt Only; d:; cd setup; execute setup; (Wait a bit); select Compact install; (wait a bit more); Make boot disk; (wait); Enter licence key; (wait); Watch windows go thru it’s “What the fuck is that? Oh, it’s one of them. Can I have a driver please?” routine; (Wish longingly for the Caldera Linux install system; which asks questions *while* it’s installing files); Screw it together; teach it about networks, modems, Soundcards, Webcams and Linux; Have an arguement with it about network cards, modem detection, On-board sound systems (eww. I want my SBLive! working), MBR records, Install The Sims, and take the whole caboodle up to my room.

Yesterday I spent playing The Sims, sue me.

Today I decide to unarchive my email back into Outlook Express. Install Winzip 8, Double click the archive, Select the last two years of my email from the file, Extract…

You can see whats going to happen, can’t you.

“Cannot extract files. The archive may be corrupt. If you downloaded this file, please redownload”

What it *doesn’t* say is “If you *didn’t* download this file, yer fucked. Sorry mate.”

So, if you sent me mail in the last two years. I havn’t got it no more. This includes my licence numbers for things like Getright, Editplus and Agent; as well as many passwords.

Oh, and a novel by a friend of mine.

Days I hate,
Days I despise…

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