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Pyra, the company who makes Blogger, have had to lay off all but one member of staff.

Blogger is the tool which – as much as SSI, Javascript or Paint Shop Pro – is the technology that powers Aquarionics. Blogger is a one stop publishing system for the web. The way it works is blisteringly simple (for the user) and runs like this:

You type it in, You press Post & Publish, It does the rest.

Without Blogger, Aquarionics would still be the static site it was before April, when I first found it powering a Sims fansite (Blueprint). Without Pyra, Blogger would not exist. This is not to say that Blogger, or Pyra, is dead. Ev (one of the founders) remains to try and keep it running. For what it’s worth, I wish all the ex-Pyramanicacs all the best for the future, the dedication they have shown is fantastic, and long may Blogger be.

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