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Today has been educational.

Yesterday evening, between four and five, Me and Cookie entered our new house in Cambridge.


Since then, education has happened, and I have learnt things.

For example:

  • Never argue with a washing machine. You will get wet toes.
  • Bedding for double beds is horribly expensive.
  • The bed in my room is not, in fact, a double, but a queen-size. Damn.
  • If at first you don’t suceed, Read The Manual.
  • If at second you don’t suceed, Read *ALL* the Manuals.
  • Sausages take longer to cook than bacon (Yes, I knew this already, I just forgot about them this morning)
  • Cambridge is nice.
  • Having your own place is nice.
  • It is more sensible for the person who is going to be at home all day to have the key to the back door.
  • If at third you don’t suceed, light the pilot light.
  • Cream cheese and chives on crumpet is nice.
  • The new house is /beyond/ nice. It has niceness, it has greatness, and it has houseosity. Like.

Plus, LoneCat comes here tomorrow, which is even better 😀

The only thing it doesn’t have is a phoneline, so, from a cybercafe somewhere in Cambridge, TTFN 🙂

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