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I thought today would be reasonably easy. I was wrong.

Yesterday, a client managed to do the impossible. Reverse engineering the impossible into rational, logical actions (Taken at 01:30 on a bank holiday monday) that nevertheless managed to crash the SMS queue system took most of the morning.

The afternoon I spent mostly fixing the SMS queue system to a) Not baulk at known impossible things, b) Be able to think in half seconds, and c) Log to standard output if I want it to.

Later this afternoon, I broke Zope with Zope. Because you admin Zope from within Zope, I can’t fix Zope becasue I can’t get into Zope to fix Zope. (For Zope Fans in the audience, I have created an invalid SiteRoot object in the root directory, meaning I can’t get at /manage anymore. I know roughly how I’m going to fix it, but that was 18:00 and I had to catch my bus home).

Also, I have been knocked out of the office pool tournament by someone better than me, even though I was lucky.

Then bus-home 1/2 was late, leaving me late for bus 2/2, so I found a cashpoint and got some money for a Taxi, just in time to miss bus 2/2 which was even later.

As I got home, I discovered a strange smell. Identifying gas, I did The Right Thing and phoned the emergancy “Help, I smell gas” number. Shortly afterwards an engineer arrived to confirm that a) there was no gas leak (Yay), b) We have been paying for both electrical and gas heating of our water for the last year and a bit (Boo) c) Our boiler is, to use his very technical term, fucked (Boo), and d) he used to know our next-door-neighbour-but-one, who throws good parties (Hmm).

Since by then it was 21:20, we decided to go get some fish and chips for dinner, except that because this is Letchworth, and Tuesday, and everything, there is not a shop open in a five mile radius.

They must have smelt the gas.

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