Dark Light

Today, as the previous entry shows, has been more or less a write off.

Forever had it’s episode locking rewritten to stop manual overrides, PFD4 gained avatar editing and the ability to dump an entire game as an XML file (Currently less private messages, which might be a thing to add), and I nearly bought a new domain to put this type of thing on, but cancelled it at the last minute because the rent for my storage unit in Reading happened.

I also did not buy Wee Free Men – the new Terry Pratchett book – for which I’m quite proud of myself.

I also slept most of the afternoon, which frankly doesn’t bode well for my mental state. Fortunatly there is an AFP meet next weekend, which will do a lot to knock me back together, so I shall endevor to not fall apart until then.

Sorry. Happy thoughts.

La de-dar, dancing sparkling things, happy thoughts, tea, cakes, bright sunshiney days.

I’m not sure what cosmic balance I upset for all this to happen, but I’m really sorry.

So, today I watched Ocean’s 11, slept, read and did very little.

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