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Someday, I’ll be a writer. I’ll be known for my sparkling wit and wide worlds and visions.

Someday, I’ll be a top 100 blogger, with hundreds of thousands of people reading my words.

Someday, I’ll have the confidence in my abilities to be a geek.

Someday, I’ll stop beliving in Karma, and waiting for the big meltdown

Someday, I’ll stop beliving in Karma, and then I’ll be even less ready than I was this time.

Someday, I’ll own an iBook.

Someday, I’ll go back onto a stage and talk to people.

Someday, I’ll live in London.

Someday, I’ll delete Aquarionics and start again from scratch.

Someday, I’ll die.

Someday, I’ll believe a compliment.

Someday, I’ll phone.

Someday, I’ll finish a project.

Someday, I’ll be slashdotted.

Someday, I’ll finish the

Someday, I’ll be able to cope with weeks like this

Someday, I’ll switch to Linux for my desktop

Today, I cannot sleep. Today, I cannot think. Today, I cannot write. Today, I’m an unemployed excuse for humanity, without even his computer games to hide in.

Yesterday, I realised exactly how sad it is, and exactly how bad it is, that I basically ceased to function without a desktop. Yesterday, I realised that I currently own over a grand and a half of computer equipment that is currently completely useless.

I need a holiday from my life. I need a break from the shit that’s rained on me for the last two weeks. I need to think it’ll get better soon.

Today, I can’t.

Maybe tomorrow.

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