Dark Light

The post below deserves an explaination. However, I’m not giving it one. Neither am I explaining more than the title, which is a line from a Divine Comedy song (Could have been worse, could have been “Everybody Knows…”)

Today being tuesday, two parcels arrived for me. The first was my new Duron 750 processor and Motherboard (Woo HOO!), the other the new charger for my phone (And double Woo HOO!) The Sims runs smoother than a well oiled sheep down a long plastic tube, and I am back in the land of the connected (Four messages waiting, One “Happy Birthday”, one person wanting to talk to me, One person wanting to meet me Sunday in Sunderland (Bit late there Sara, sorry) and a problem with Group Projects. The number is… no, I’m not quite that bad yet.).

Talking of The Sims, I’m readdicted. Recreating an IRC channel (#tash) appears to have been a bad move. simMoth hates simNick and simNattie with a vengance, but love is blooming… Anyway, as per usual the houses are online here. Take a look, go on 🙂

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