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And thusly and verily was the empire forged on values of PHP, HTML, CSS and not having the same design running for two whole months.

The interestingly indie mike redesigned his site, and now looks nice and colourful and doesn’t crash Netscape anymore. Yay. But this got me thinking. Look at the site. I mean, it’s blue.
Aquarionics has been blue since it started. It was blue and yellow for a time, but then it was deemed Too Bright, and thus was the tasteful scheme of Blue and grey (The white bits on the site aren’t actually white, but very light grey. This makes it much easier to read. Strange But True) that we see before us now.

Dull, isn’t it?

And, as people will testify, I am a colourful person. Stories have been written on my colourfulness. Whole tribes of pigmies have been driven blind by my shorts.

Okay, that last one is only sort of true.

But anyway, Blue and Grey looks sort of professional, but also is very, very dull for a personal site. Save the proness for when I’m being paid, I say.

Also, The current Aquarionics Design is a bastardisation of HTML4 and CSS2, and only works by coincidence, and I have been convinced by Sarabian and Aquarius that CSS-based design is the Right Thing, and so Aquarionics3.1 is CSS based. This means it doesn’t work in Netscape 4.

It works in NS3, because it doesn’t even *try* to support CSS. But NS4 breaks it, because it understands some bits but not others. So I’ve had to treat it like a five year old, and not let it get at the complex bits.

*sigh* I hate broken standards.

NS4 users won’t lose any content, but will get the same display as a NS3/IE3 user. This depresses me, but if I’m going to design to the standards, I have to work around brokenness. See this page on web standards for more details.

Anyway, The new design of Aquarionics is in Testing, and the three people who know of the address of the test server, plus the various people from #afp who checked it out for me are giving me feedback. This good.

Still somewhat headachy, If this lasts any longer I might have to go see a doctor. For the first time in about six years.

Bath then, since I sort of skipped over the actual weekend yesterday.

I just spent 48 hours with the woman I love, geeking and walking and talking and doing stuff. Little things, like cooking, or writing content for a new site, and the complete and total disbelief that anything this nice could possibly be happening to me.

I’m lucky. And I’m enjoying the luckiness for a bit.

But with pleasure does come pain, and so I am now going to go find some Aspirin for this headache.

It’s odd to think I’m posting this from the new interface, but you are reading it in the old one.

Anyway. TTFN…

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