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Went to the beach with Dusagg & lonecat

I’d guess that of the sevenish person, one knew my name (Two by the end). We buried the president in sand, and waited half an hour for her to get out.Oh, and carried out a physics/geology experiment into the effects of errosion by Dusaggers upon silicon oxide. Fish, Chips, Home. Good fun

Ah yes, Home. I walked. This sounds like a small event, exept that I slightly misjudged the distance to walk to where they were.

It took an hour and a half to walk each way

I was wearing “sensible”, ie, shiny work-type, shoes.

Ow. Blisters

On the Uni side, handed in my IMSE assignment. Now I have 2 assignments (both Group) and 5 exams remaining. Except that one is tomorrow. Argh

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