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Feeling bloggy, so an update for you. The entry below was written this time yesterday, but didn’t apparently make it as far as Aquarionics. The sooner I get my own system up and running, the better.

I’m bored.

I shouldn’t be.

I have Lines to learn, projects to do, languages to learn. To view the extent at which my life multitasks, a snapshot of my life:


I have a fanfic to finish (Part two, anyway) for AFEC, various stories in states of decay, and I need to have a short story for the big launch of Terror Incognita on the 1st April. The states of play for the above range from an entire universe completed, and I just need a story to put in it, to the basic plot arc being scrawled on the back of an envelope (Did You Hear Something Part 2) to 600 words of a short story that I havn’t decided how to end yet (Rosalind) and a monologue of the current life of a charector I invented a few years ago (Mr Kesler). Including a piece of rhyming prose (It’s been several years since I last did one. In fact, the last one was Valentine over a year ago. Unless you count the Haikus, which I never finished.


Learning PHP and mySQL, as well as C++, VBA, Perl, and Java.

PHP and mySQL I am trying to learn for the rethink of Aquarionics, coming to a server near you. In fact, I have to start by getting my Debian box into a state where it’s running both, so I can start learning 🙂

Apache in the Testing distro is currently broken, as it doesn’t work with Perl 5.6. This Is Bad.

Perl & C++ are for my future, VBA is for Uni, and Java is for both uni and an idea I have.

I’m currently trying to get the basics of Object Orientated Design srteight in my head before I embark on The Grand Java Adventure.


Learning Unix, Java and Software Engineering. In order, from Most to Least. Also preparing for the Big Access Project, which is going to involve trying to do the impossible, because the person who wrote the draft read an access book, and doesn’t realise how that interacts with the real world 🙂

In other news to do with the uni, Various people from it are now reading (hello). So *yes* that is what I said to you this morning. and *yes* I meant *exactly* what I said in the presentation. I don’t know if it’s a viable possibility.


Leaving IRC aside for a sec, I have a play to learn (28/29th March. Anyone who wants to see it, talk to me soon), I am now deep in the AFP-Movie (For a while last week, it seemed as though I had been thrown out of all the things I was doing for it. From being an actor/list manager/assistant producer to being nothing was distressing. In fact, I was so not-happy about it, that I stormed into the rehersal and did the most angry performace of “Robbie” (My charecter) that I have ever done. And the director liked it. And I enjoyed watching the audience jump when I went from “Nick” to “Robbie” in a blink :). But that all resolved, and I’m now a Production Manager (which is what I was going to be doing before, but with a differant title) and an actor (probably, pending auditon), and the list is moving over to the dedicated domain. Which I didn’t object to, it was just the suddenness of the annoucement that I didn’t enjoy.

Oh, and the e-zine, Terra Incognita.

So really, I cannot be bored.

Except I am.

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