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So, recently then.

Last week I passed my driving theory test. This was cool, but not unexpected (I passed it first time around, though that was before Hazard Perception.). Hazard Perception is a video based test of your reactions to events, you have to click the mouse when you see a hazard, again every time it gets worse.

It’s much like Grand Theft Auto, really, except with clicking on the pedestrians rather than running them down in cold blood. Close enough.

I have also accidentally bought a copy of “Regina’s Song”, the latest non-fantasy books by the Eddings’. I haven’t read it but I nevertheless own it, as the library fines are about to exceed the worth of the book. Taking it back now would mean paying them to take it away.

Isn’t Dr Who good? Yes. It is good. The tardis is apparently powered by a bicycle pump, which was something of a suprise.

This weekend was LC’s birthday, so we wandered down to Wagamama’s (which is a Tradition) and then to see Mitch Benn (which isn’t, but will be). She has written more on this day. And yes, I bought her a BananaGuard for her birthday.

Yesterday we finished the weekend on a low note with the Dungeons and Dragons Movie, which is an incredibly, amazingly terrible movie. It’s got The Bloke Who Played Jimmy In The New Adventures Of Superman (Jimmy mk 2, anyway) staring as a chaotic neutral thief who eventually duel-classes as a mage, his friend Snails who doesn’t really level up ever, and a Miss-Jones-You’re-Beautiful type female mage. Jeremy Irons (The thinking economist’s Alan Rickman) is the Lawful Evil Bad Guy, someone else is the Slightly More Evil, But Possibly Less Evil Chaotic Neutral minion, and a whole host of people you’ve not heard of. Oh, and Richard O’Brian as a crazy person who has a maze. Again.

We spent the entire movie eating chineefoo and discussing how each character had rolled in char-gen. Irons got a fairly high Charisma, for example, and Jimmy2 apparently took an extra level in swordplay when he leveled up near the end…

It’s terrible, but fun in a ‘My god, it’s full of cliches!’ type way. Perfect D&D, really. And there’s going to be a sequel, which I await with…


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