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Nothing happening. So I’m updating little things.

I’ve upgraded the script that generates “Mostly…” (Somewhere to your right) and also updated the content 🙂

Also I’ve moved the Portal into something more like the rest of the site (A minor internal reshuffle is happening, I think. Currently each page on the site is generated using a header page, a content page and the footer page, which are added together to make a valid HTML thing. It means to affect the entire site I just need to change the header or footer, which is nice. But the Header includes all the bits of on the left of the content, and the footer all the bits on the right (Which are, in turn, read from at least differant HTML pages. Each page of Aquarionics is made from 13 differant pages, collated by the server and spat at your browser (They are, BTW, Header, New-box, Stuff, Weblogs, Rings & Causes, Archives, Wallpaper, Content, The Poll, Cool Things, Updates, Mostly and The Footer. Plus the inclusion of the Random picture and Amazon javascripts which are accessed each time. Aquarionics is a fairly SSI intensive site 🙂 But I might split that down *further* so to be able to create pages without the boxes down the side more easily. Like the Portal, which is currently an inelegant hack of my own system 🙁

I also upgraded the Random Piccies script, Or rather, removed the All Your Memes hack, and spent an extraordenary amount of time on IRC. Sad.

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