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Everyone Sounds Foolish?
Excluding Source Fun?
Embracing Standadized Flash?
Enemies Should F…Um…Find­out­more­about­each­other­maybe­go­out­for­a­coffee­and­try­to­work­out­their­differences­without­screaming­at­each­other­via­a­text­based­medium?

Cool, double word score, treble points for inventing a new word.

Eliminating Sordid Fumes?
Exorcising Spirit Fluid?
Exercising Sore Feet?
Entreeting Standardized Formats?
End Sort Fnook?
Estriplant Slarty Feemabigale?

What could Jonathon‘s new syndication icon stand for?

…and, by reading comments, I may have accidently insulted Bb with my mention of her in the spec introduction. Once I’ve managed to place words in an order that makes sense, I should email and explain before I get death by blogging…

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