Dark Light

Lonecat came to the fictional town for the weekend, so little got done. Thus no panto, no updates, but plans for NSD are happening…

Oh yes, the downtime. Those of you who visited Aquarionics between about eight and nine yesterday would have had a once-in-a-lifetime opertunity to see my PHP code, instead of the site. This was, to coin a phrase, suboptimal, so I put up the “Aquarigoneics” sign, and closed shop. Also, mail to me was bouncing for a bit. This, i am assured, is also fixed.

So, Me and lonecat went to the hogswatch meet, which was wonderful. There were 67 people in the basement of a pub. That was fun 🙂

I had the happy feeling of watching most of AFP drooling over my girlfriend, which is always fun to watch. Then we crashed, then we woke up, went home, failed to play Quake, and did stuff like plot NSD for a while. Good weekend 🙂

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