Dark Light

Oh, hello.

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m supposed to be writing here, but life is pretty dull at the moment. I’ve gone back into ASR, and failed to be flamed into pork crackling, I’ve managed to get my arse in gear to get NSD back in the land of the living, I’ve even started the long awaited Project Albatross, since the Internet seems to be lacking in an open story archive and critique site.

And no, you don’t get fucking wafers with it.


Also I started work on the long awaited, and dreaded, AFPantomime, currently being posted to AFP in 24 bitesize chunks. I’m currently a day ahead, but that’ll stop being true in exactly 1.5 hours…

Oh, and I sucessfully set up a Cambsmeet with Rosie for Wednesday. Go me 🙂

No, still no job, still no money. Merry Christmas.

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